About Rio Grande Pacific Corporation

Ideas. Energy. Expertise.

The force behind four short Lines and regional railroads serving six states with 100% equity in each property.

As short lines play an increasingly vital role in today’s freight transportation, Rio Grande Pacific Corporation (RGPC) is taking the lead within each of the communities it supports, to keep its customers competitive in the new economy.

With a tireless approach to improvement, RGPC continues to streamline its combination of infrastructure, train operation efficiencies as well as dedicated personnel to offer seamless freight capabilities in each of its short lines. At RGPC, we know what it takes to operate within the increasingly complex logistical challenges to move freight efficiently.

Since our inception in 1986, we have focused on what we consider the most important elements in building our business: a strong blend of equal parts that include a willingness to go the extra mile, a bias for innovation, a dedication to attracting strong team players, and a proactive approach to engaging our communities and customers.

This entrepreneurial and, often, non-conformist style translates into a growth plan that is strong, yet responsible.

When opportunities become available to improve service or expand capabilities for a market where we work, for instance, we are actively building coalitions and infrastructure to further development. We have a strong track record even in facing natural disasters, to creatively solve problems that affect our service.

Bringing the best practices from other industries has not only contributed to RGPC’s steady growth but, it has also attracted consulting assignments in a variety of rail-related categories, including engineering and structuring for other short lines, regional railroads as well as terminal and switching operations.

A privately held, family-owned firm with a 100% equity position in four successful Class III railroads, RGPC is poised for expansion and development to meet the demands of the dynamic market conditions.