Rio Grande Pacific featured in Cisco Systems Case Study


“With Cisco, today’s railroad can run on complex analytics. It’s a major breakthrough that’s unlocked insights into what’s happening on a second-by second basis.” – Jason Brown, CIO.

Rio Grande Pacific Corp. was profiled by Cisco for a customer case study in June 2017. The study highlighted the ways in which RGP’s transit services group has integrated Cisco products to improve the overall operations and maintenance of the DCTA A-train.

“Cisco approached us in early spring 2017 about the opportunity to collaborate on a white paper showcasing the ways Cisco products have been integrated in our daily operations,” said Jason Brown, chief information officer. “Our technology group has been hard at work upgrading the network mainframe at DCTA, and we were really excited to share with the rest of the transportation community what we were up to.”

Read the full case study here.