Rio Grande Pacific Dispatching Services

Rio Grande Pacific  provides safe, reliable, professional around the clock railroad dispatching services for both small and large shortline railroads.

Originally dispatch services were provided for the RGPC subsidiary railroads out of our Nebraska Central Railroad office. RGPC recognized a need in the marketplace to provide affordable third party dispatching to other railroads in the shortline railroad industry. We relocated our dispatching center to Fort Worth using RailComm computer aided dispatch control system. In addition to a centralized location, we added an experienced management team from within the railroad dispatching community.

We dispatch over 2,000 miles and our clients include: RGPC subsidiaries, DMVW Railroad, Mississippi Export Railroad, Natchez Railway, Texas Pacifico, Southwestern Railroad and Denton County Transportation Authority.


6100 Southwest Blvd Ste 300
Fort Worth, Texas 76109
Phone: (402) 371-9015 Ext. 1024

The Power of Professionalism in Dispatching and Emergency Notification:

  • Safety is our number one goal
  • Full compliant with all applicable FRA requirements
  • Full range of dispatching services
  • Fullfillment of the Rail Safety Act’s 24 hour crossing requirement (ENS)
  • Improved record retention including electronic record keeping
  • We help customers reduce overhead for staffing and equipment to dispatch their Railroads
  • Financially stable parent company
  • We customize reports and metrics tailored to our customers’ needs

Business Development Contacts:

Tres Meyer
Chief Operating Officer
Phone: (817) 731-7187

Tom Murphy
Dispatch Services Director
Phone: (802) 309-9539