Careers – Idaho Northern and Pacific Railroad – Transportation Specialist

Idaho Northern and Pacific Railroad – Transportation Specialist

Posted Date – /4/25/2024

Title:  – Transportation Specialist

Department: – Transportation

Reports To: – General Manager (Primary)

Positions Supervised: None

Description of Position:

In addition to General Responsibilities mandated by Rules 1.0 through 1.47 of the General Code of Operating Rules, Transportation Specialists will participate in the safe, efficient, and cost-effective movements of trains (or cars) in train, yard and switching operations, either as engineer, if certified, or as conductor/brakeman.

Description of Position:


Engineers report to and receive instruction from the Manager – Train Operations. In matters of mechanical concern, they must comply with instructions from proper officers and supervisors of the mechanical department. Engineers must comply with the Conductor’s instructions regarding train or yard engine movements, except when such instructions endanger the trains or their own safety or involve a rule violation. When taking charge of engines, engineers must inspect the engine(s) for safety defects, proper operation, and fuel/lubricant level. Engineers must keep current certification, including current rules qualifications. Engineers must complete daily inspection and engine condition reports as required by the mechanical department.


Conductor/Brakeman report to and receive instruction from the Manager – Train Operations and must obey instructions from other officers. Conductor/Brakeman have charge of the safe movement and proper securement of trains to which they are assigned and all transportation employees on their trains. Conductor/Brakeman are responsible for the safe and proper management of their trains, the observance and enforcement of all rules and instructions, all communications (verbal or written) by telephone, radio, or facsimile between INPR transportation employees and UPRR dispatchers, third party dispatchers, and the INPR general office.

Conductors are responsible for completing all required paperwork, train/switching lists, wheel reports, warrants and other forms as required.
When an automotive vehicle is assigned to a specific train crew, the conductor will be responsible for the safe and efficient fueling, operation, care, and maintenance of the assigned vehicle on a daily basis.
Each member of the train crew will be responsible for keeping locomotive cabs clean and free from trash and debris. Special care shall be given that windows are clean, and visibility is not impaired.

Principal Responsibilities: 

  • Transportation Specialists will operate locomotives in compliance with all necessary rules and regulations and will carry out orders for pickup and deliveries of freight cars or trains.
  • Transportation Specialists will, when scheduled, serve as conductor/brakeman so as to provide the ground operations necessary to train movement.
  • Transportation Specialists will maintain courteous communications at all times when serving as train crew through the use of portable and stationary radios and telephones.
  • Transportation Specialists will properly spot empty cars/trains and pick up cars/trains that are correctly released and will assist in the switching of freight cars and the yarding of trains as required.
  • Transportation Specialists will make interchange inspections at point of interchange to determine compliance with safety appliance apparatus and/or other conditions which might affect the safe movement of their train.
  • Transportation Specialists will assist, where required, in the operation of work trains and to assist in re-railing derailed cars where required. During inclement or winter weather conditions Transportation Specialist will assist in the cleaning of debris (or snow) from switches or other appurtenances.
  • Transportation Specialists will assist, if required, in maintenance of way and car repair or duties in the normal course of operations or under conditions of distress such as derailment, accident, etc.
  • Transportation Specialists will perform additional duties as assigned by the Manager.

Minimum Qualifications: 

  • Education equivalent to a high school graduate. Five (5) years of progressive responsibilities in railroad operations, including appropriate experience with mainline, shortline or regional railroad operations, except when trained as student transportation specialist by this railroad.
  • The incumbent must have a thorough knowledge and understanding of applicable F.R.A. rules and regulations, UPRR safety rules, regulations and procedures, current General Code of Operating Rules, and company policies and procedures necessary to the successful completion of his/her functions as described herein. The incumbent must be F.R.A. Qualified and certified as a locomotive engineer or studying to become so qualified and certified.
  • The incumbent must have the necessary visual acuity that allows successful operation of trains and engines under high speed, mainline conditions and signaling. Visual acuity under night or inclement conditions is extremely important. Depth perception and field of vision are especially important in order to judge climbing on and off equipment, vehicles, bridges, and along inclined slopes either during day or night and in all types of weather conditions.
  • The incumbent must have a willingness to work odd or extended hours, nights, and weekends if required. The incumbent must have the physical strength to work rigorously in the out of doors during all season and must possess a valid drivers license, clear of DWI/DUI violations.
  • The incumbent must have the ability to assist other train crew personnel including work classified as heavy work, lifting up to 100 lbs. maximum, with frequent lifting and/or carrying of up to 50 lbs. Frequent pushing and pulling of up to 100 lbs. are also required. Climbing on top, under and around locomotives and cars is required; therefore, good physical condition is important. Must be able to climb, reach, bend, stoop, push, pull and lift in course of normal duties.
  • The incumbent must have good interpersonal and communication skills, both verbal and written, and provide a professional demeanor.
  • The incumbent must be able to satisfactorily pass a job-related physical examination and pre/post employment drug and alcohol screens as required by the Federal Railroad Administration.
  • The incumbent may be required to complete job related training, rules examinations, or skills enhancements to assist in the assessment of their specific knowledge and abilities. Like wise, the incumbent must be able to communicate with his/her immediate supervisor, other members of the management team, and other employees of the company.


Qualified applicants will be considered for vacancies without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability, or any other characteristic protected by prevailing state and federal laws, regulations, and ordinances.


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