Careers – Idaho Northern and Pacific Railroad – Train Service Employee

Idaho Northern and Pacific Railroad – Train Service Employee

Posted Date – /4/24/2023

Location – La Grande, Oregon

Position Type – Full-time

INPR is seeking an individual who has a desire to work in the transportation field as a conductor and engineer.  Train Service Employees are accountable for safe work and operating practices, thorough knowledge of the General Code of Operating Rules and compliance of all Federal Railroad Administration Guidelines.


  • Perform switching, make-up and break-up of trains, and road haul of trains.
  • Perform ground tasks of coupling and uncoupling cars, operating switches, etc.
  • Maintain accurate records of cars handled, repairs performed, track conditions encountered.
  • Responsible for accurate switch list paperwork and interchange records.
  • Communication with management, customer service and connecting railroads.


  • Certified Locomotive Engineers are preferred. Must be willing to become a certified engineer as a condition of employment.
  • Valid driver’s license required.
  • Must be able to successfully pass operating rules examination.
  • Must be able to distinguish color signals aspects.

Qualified applicants will be considered for vacancies without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability, or any other characteristic protected by prevailing state and federal laws, regulations, and ordinances.


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