Careers – Rio Grande Pacific Transit Group – DMU Conductor

Rio Grande Pacific Transit Group is seeking an individual who has a desire to work in the transportation field as a DMU Conductor at our Lewisville, TX location.


The DMU conductor provides train service in compliance with federal regulations and corporate policies. Performs duties of a passenger train conductor during varying work hours within a transportation environment maintaining alertness, situational awareness and vigilance. Thinks and functions independently and utilizes clear and effective verbal communication skills in interaction with others. Receive and comply with en-route instructions from Dispatch Center and engineer. Reports all deficiencies, malfunctions and safety concerns to appropriate management. Interact with passengers, make clear on-board announcements. Follow instructions from Company Officers.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Safe and efficient operation of a passenger train.
  • Ensure compliance with applicable safety and operating rules and federal regulations.
  • Interact with passengers and make on-board announcements.
  • Promote safe work practices as well as maintains and fosters a safe work environment.
  • Provides services for Passengers needing assistance (PNA’s)
  • Performs task related to emergency preparedness plan.
  • Verifies purchase of fares, working with local law enforcement.
  • Receives and complies with en route instructions from Dispatch Center.
  • Reports to the proper authority any and all deficiencies and safety concerns encountered on the rail corridor.
  • Reports mechanical malfunctions and coordinates with the mechanical department to correct mechanical or safety problems identified on equipment.
  • Prepares reports as required.
  • Regular and predictable attendance and punctuality are a requirement for this position.
  • Follows instructions from the General Manager, Supervisors and other company officers as required.


  • High School Diploma or GED.
  • Qualified passenger train conductor preferred.  Preference given to individuals who were trained by an equivalent passenger railroad and are currently certified as conductors.
  • Ability to achieve and maintain a Conductor Certification under 49 CFR 242 and qualifications of General Code of Operating Rules (GCOR).
  • Physical requirements to maintain conductor certification and perform safety sensitive duties (see below).
  • Must possess good communication skills (verbally and written).
  • Work experience demonstrating the ability to maintain alertness, awareness and vigilance, as well as clear, effective verbal communication skills in the performance of work.
  • Satisfactory attendance and safe work record.
  • Prior railroad operating experience and work history that demonstrates ability to adapt to variable and often changing work hours preferred.
  • Required to take actions and/or making decisions affecting security/wellbeing of others.

Physical Requirements: 

  • Light to medium work, lifting up to 25 pounds occasionally.
  • Reach/handle/grasp/feel/stoop/bend/kneel/balance/climb.
  • Stand for a big portion of the day d for 75% of workday.
  • Walk short distances over uneven terrain.
  • Demonstrate auditory and visual acuity.
  • Must meet hearing and vision requirements, including color vision, as described in the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) Regulations.
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