Rio Grande Pacific Corporation appoints Kyle J. Robe P.E. as President of TRAX Engineering and Associates, LLC.


TRAX Engineering and Associates is a Rio Grande Pacific division that provides railroad engineering services including rail studies, design exhibits, site planning design, complete rail project plan design, track construction engineering support, track construction inspections and more. Kyle joined Rio Grande Pacific Corporation in 2021 serving as Deputy Project Manager – Engineering on Rio Grande Pacific Corporation contracted projects.

Bob Bach, President of Rio Grande Pacific Corporation, said that “Kyle’s near two decades of experience in railroad design and construction and his previous experience as a deputy project manager made him the natural fit to lead our TRAX Engineering and Associates division for Rio Grande.” Mr. Bach also said that Kyle’s experience working with every Class I railroad in North America, his experience working on projects located internationally, and helping design the UTA Front Runner project “demonstrates a good railroad design and regulatory policy foundation which is needed to address today’s complex and challenging railroad design and safety issues.”

Kyle received his B.S. degree in Civil Engineering from Brigham Young University. When he’s not working on designing and engineering railroads, he’s hiking in the Intermountain West or spending time exploring his home terrain in Utah with his wife Melanie and their two children.