Rail Related Services

Dispatching Services 

Rio Grande Pacific Corporation recognized a need in the marketplace to provide affordable third party dispatching to other railroads in the shortline railroad industry. Rio Grande Pacific Dispatch provides safe, reliable, professional, around-the-clock railroad dispatching services for both small and large shortline railroads. Clients include the DMVW Railroad, Mississippi Export Railroad, Natchez Railway, Texas Pacifico and the Southwestern Railroad.

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Signal Systems Engineering, Technology Software and Solutions

Rio Grande Pacific Technology provides technology software and solutions to Transit and short line railroads based on 30 years of operational and technical experience. Over the last several years, RGPT has provided Railroads with Network upgrades, wayside IP cameras, innovative dashboards, and simulation training. Together with our industry partners, such as Cisco Systems and PS Technology, RGPT develops and deploys leading-edge technology that enhances operating performance while improving analytics and reporting capabilities. RGP Technology is the single vendor solution to challenges facing railroad operators today.

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Operations and Maintenance Provider

Rio Grande Pacific Transit Group (RGPTG) is a provider of crucial operations and maintenance offerings, including third-party dispatching, signaling and communications, software solutions, and maintenance-of-way (MOW) services to commuter transit agencies and short line railroads. The firm was founded in response to the growing need for experienced O&M providers in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex.

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Tamper Remanufacturing

Precision Railway Equipment Company Logo

Two years ago, Rio Grande Pacific purchased remanufactured Harsco 6700’s from two different suppliers, only to be disappointed with the quality and performance of each machine. RGPC recognized a need in the marketplace for reliable but affordable like-new surfacing equipment, and in recognition of that need, Precision Railway Equipment Company was born.

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