Nebraska Central Railroad Company

The Nebraska Central Railroad Company (NCRC), is a 340-mile network composed of five former Union Pacific Railroad branch lines and one former BNSF Railway branch line. Trackage includes rights to approximately 60 miles of Union Pacific main line between Grand Island NE and Columbus NE. NCRC, through its connections with Union Pacific (Columbus, Central City and Grand Island) and BNSF (David City), is an integral part of grain shipments in the region. NCRC serves nearly a dozen unit loading facilities and can handle more than 250 unit trains annually in conjunction with their Class I partners.

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Nebraska Central Railroad also plays a key role in the Nebraska economy by providing a variety of rail transportation services, serving a diverse group of customers engaged in production industries such as steel, ethanol, minerals and farm products along with providing transload capacity for many other producers and shippers whose products support the region. Rio Grande Pacific Corporation maintains a 100% equity interest in this property.

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  • NCRC 8000-B
  • NCRC 6000-D
  • NCRC 4000-C
  • Connecting Railroads:
  • Union Pacific Railroad at Grand Island, Neb., Central City, Neb., and Columbus, Neb.
    BNSF at David City, Neb.

Connecting Railroads:

  • UPRR at Columbus, Nebraska, (UP-CLMBS-NCRC)
  • UPRR at Grand Island, Nebraska, (UP-GRISL-NCRC)
  • UPRR at Central City, Nebraska, (UP-CECTY-NCRC, applicable to unit trains only)
  • BNSF at David City, Nebraska, (BNSF-DAVCI-NCRC)

Customer Service Contact:

Phone: 682-267-2051


Business Development Contacts:

Julie Greve
Manager of Marketing and Customer Relations
Phone: 402-750-4019

Chad Gutierrez
Vice President of Marketing and Sales
Phone: 817-731-7187


304 N. 5th Street
Norfolk, NE 68701
Phone: (402) 371-9015