Wichita, Tillman & Jackson Railway Company

Wichita Tillman and Jackson Railway Company

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The Wichita, Tillman, & Jackson Railway Company (WTJR), is a 100-mile property composed of a former UPRR branch line operating in Texas and Oklahoma. The railroad interchanges with the UP and BNSF in Wichita Falls, Texas and Altus, Okla. Shipments are predominately grain, chemicals and agricultural products. Rio Grande Pacific Corporation maintains a 100% equity interest in this property.

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Connecting Railroads:

UPRR and BNSF at Wichita Falls, Texas
FMRC and SLWC at Altus, Oklahoma
GNBC at Frederick, Oklahoma
BNSF at Altus, Oklahoma

Customer Service Contact:

Phone: (682) 267-2051
Fax: (682) 682-267-2052

Business Development Contacts:

Scott Traylor
Executive Vice President of Business Development
Email: scott@rgpc.com
Phone: (817) 731-7187

Michael Haeg
Vice President of Marketing and Sales
Email: mhaeg@rgpc.com
Phone: (817) 731-7187

Altus Chamber of Commerce

Wichita Falls Chamber of Commerce


700 Jefferson Street
Wichita Falls, TX 76304
Phone: (940) 723-1852
Fax: (940) 723-007