About Rio Grande Pacific Corporation

Ideas. Energy. Expertise.


Rio Grande Pacific Corporation (RGPC) is a privately held, Fort Worth, Texas-based holding company for regional freight railroads. Through various subsidiaries, RGPC provides complementary services, including signal construction and design, passenger operations, equipment remanufacturing and dispatching services, to short line railroads and transit agencies across the United States. Our properties serve approximately 140 freight customers, including many Fortune 500 firms, and move a diverse mixture of commodities in the agricultural, chemical, lumber, mineral and recycling industries.

The company originated in 1986 after the Staggers Act deregulated railroad operations. Its first short line, the Wichita, Tillman & Jackson Railway (WTJR), was acquired from Union Pacific Railroad (UP) in 1990. Over time, RGPC extended its reach and grew from two employees to more than 300. Today, the firm’s holdings include four wholly-owned short lines operating on 700 total route miles in six states, as well as a number of subsidiaries that provide complementary and ancillary services to the freight and passenger rail industries. These initiatives offer diversification across the industry spectrum through synergistic businesses and relationships.

Over the last 30 years, we have focused on building a business known for its proactive approach to engaging communities; strong, strategic partnerships; efficient, safe train handling operations and transportation solutions; and excellent customer service. Internally, our company focuses on attracting strong team players who bring innovative, creative thinking and a willingness to go the extra mile to the table. This entrepreneurial and, often non-conformist style translates into a growth plan that is strong, yet stable. As a result, Rio Grande Pacific continues to evolve to meet the demands of a dynamic market in both the short line and transit industry.

With a tireless approach to improvement, Rio Grande Pacific continues to streamline its combination of infrastructure, train operation efficiency, and personnel to offer seamless freight capabilities in each short line. At RGPC, we know what it takes to operate within the increasingly complex regulatory and logistical challenges to move freight efficiently.